4thofJuly Logo 2016

  1. Do not throw or shoot anything including candy, water, balls or paper from on or alongside parade entries.

  2. Shooting water at parade viewers is strictly prohibited.

  3. All entries are required to exhibit proper decorum, fellowship and family oriented behavior in the staging area and during the parade.

  4. Walkers may distribute items to the crowd.  Entries that distribute items will pay a $25.00 clean-up fee in addition to the entry fee.  Do not do anything that would encourage spectators to enter the parade vehicle path.

  5. Do not hang off the sides of moving vehicles.  Please be very careful any time you are on, behind or next to a moving float.  WATCH ALL CHILDREN IN YOUR ENTRY VERY CAREFULLY!

  6. Keep within 20 to 30 feet of the entry in front of you.  Do not stop during the parade, except to keep your spacing or during an emergency.

  7. Please be sure to communicate these rules to everyone in your entry.  Only one copy of these rules is attached to each entry form.

  8. No fireworks of any kind may be used in the parade.

  9. Any deviation from the rules will result in disqualification from current and/or future parades.

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